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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION:What Are Truck Wraps?
Many of our commercial customers tell us that they experience a dramatic increase in business after they have wraps placed on their trucks and vans. Custom Truck Wraps is our specialty. AAA Wraps Truck & Van Lettering has the knowledge, experience and skill to deliver quality lettering and graphics for your company trucks. Our large, indoor facility allows for year-round, speedy return of your vehicles. From a single truck to an entire fleet, let AAA Truck & Van Lettering handle all your truck lettering needs. AAA Truck & Van Lettering uses 3M Controltac Plus Graphic film with Comply Performance 2 mil, opaque film with laminate to produce high quality, long-term graphics. Call or email us today for information on having your vehicle(s) wrapped.

QUESTION: What Are Truck Wraps Partial?
This process is designed for customers that do not want a full wrap. Less money but we can create a dynamic look. Same vinyl it process as a full wrap.

Question: Do you do custom designs on helmets?
Yes we do. Here are two helmets that we custom designed. You can ship your helmet to us or purchase one from us.

QUESTION: Can I see the graphic on my bike, helmet or car before you produce it?
Yes we will send you a proof of what the original artwork will look like on your vehicle before we produce the final product.

QUESTION: How long do graphics last?
Vinyl will last 7 years before it begins to fade. Printed vinyl lasts 5 years with lamination and 3 years with out. Hand painted lettering lasts 7 years before fading.
Painted and airbrushed graphics under the clear coat last as long as the paint.

QUESTION: I live on the west coast - can you hep me? How do I get my bike parts or helmets to you?
We have clients in 31 states including Alaska and Hawaii.
We suggest that you send your item by air shipment (we can arrange it for you). Good packaging is neccessary (local parts store may have extra boxes or shipping containers) and always insure it.
If the item is on of a kind hand delivery or a special delivery service is an option.

QUESTION: I would like a picture reproduced for the rear window of my vehicle. Can you do this?
Yes just send us the picture and we will scan it into the computer print it on a special material and you can apply it.

QUESTION: How hard is it to install graphics?
Not real hard we will send you with your order a sheet on how to apply your graphic.

QUESTION:What happens if I wreck the decal or graphic?
Send me the wrecked graphic or a photo of the graphic and we will in most cases replace it for a discounted price. Usually 50%.

QUESTION: I have a leased vehicle and really like the look of hand painted graphics. What do I do? We have a special vinyl that we can hand paint your graphic on to. At the end of the lease you can just peel it off.

QUESTION: How do you come up with a custom graphic design for me?
First we talk with you. Find out your likes and hobbies and where the graphic is going. After listening to what you want the graphic is designed and a copy is forwarded to you for approval.

QUESTION: We really love your work and would want you to custom airbrush our car, but we live out of your area can you still help us?
Yes we will travel for you if needed. We have sent people as far as Arizona. It helps if there is a large group that would like graphics done to offset the cost. Or you can ship it to us. We are located near one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Niagara Falls. We have an affiliation with Aladdin Travel and are sure we could arrange a long weekend stay for your vehicle and yourselves.

QUESTION: I have a Drag car. Do you do paint schemes?
Yes we do. We can send a detailed drawing to your painter and they can match the design. We can even send to size drawings for templates if we have to.

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